9-222Non-standard pallets
If you need new wooden pallets custom sizes (800×600, 800×800, 1100×1100, 1150×1150, 1000×1000, 800×1300, 900×2050, 1000×1300, 1200х1200, 1100h1300, 1000h2220, 1140h1140, etc.) You can place an order with us for their production. Send us a drawing and specifications, and we will promptly prepare a calculation of the cost of such pallets and discuss terms of production order. Any custom tray can be processed in accordance with the requirements of international ISPM 15 standard. The scope of such wooden pallets – shipment of the goods for export. The cost of the non-standard wooden pallet depends on the dimensions and technical requirements applicable to it. If you are sending goods abroad or use production lines with strict requirements for used pallets, then it is likely you will need a certified euro pallet. We have the capability to manufacture pallets under data.