9001Phytosanitary treatment of pallets is performed in case of sending products or empty containers for export across the border. In view of the fact that in the tree are created favourable conditions for the development of pathogens and expertise you need to handle pallets. The Secretariat of the International Convention on the protection of (quarantine) plants of the UN food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was drafted and adopted in March 2002 year standard on sanitary and phytosanitary measures ISPM 15 “Guide to the regulation of wood packaging material in international trade”.
On the territory of Ukraine the State control of veterinary and phytosanitary service of Ukraine. According to ISPM 15 standard, operating on the theory of Ukraine, wooden pallets must undergo decontamination in two ways:

  • thermal (at a temperature of at least 56 degrees no less than 30 min);
  • fumigation (processing of chemical reagents by spraying).

After phyto-sanitary treatment on a wooden pallet is put a special stamp: Mark-"IPPC" ("Spike")indicating:

  • of pallets, manufacturer's country code
  • license number fitoobrabotke, companies
  • method of disinfection of pallets.

Such labeling is necessary for the control of export/import of goods and is applied to all wooden pallets. Handling of containers may only be certified firms have received license to operate and are registered in the plant quarantine inspection of Ukraine.

We also provide each client with a full package of documents for registration of phytosanitary control in any quarantine service of Ukraine, namely:

  • Phytosanitary control Act the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine;
  • Act of phytosanitary State for each individual batch of podkarantinnogo goods.

112Thanks to our individual approach to each client, our managers always will advise and help you to prepare the necessary documentation and phytosanitary control for customs clearance of goods on wooden pallets.