OOO PKP "TERCZ Ltd will be glad to offer you not only new pallets, but also used pallets. This offer will interest consumers who need a quality product, but at a lower price. It is worth mentioning that buying second-hand pallets is actually a very cost-effective proposition for most customers. You can not only buy quality goods, but also pay less for it. It's also interesting to this proposal will be those who are going to use trays, not for its intended purpose, as in this case, the need to buy a new tray disappears immediately.

Pallets of our enterprise are sorted in 2 varieties:

  • Grade 1 -light color pallet with valid minor natural darkening of wood to light gray, was in circulation not exceeding 4-5 times;
  • 2 grade tray, used no more than 7-8 times, allowed darkening from time-to-dark gray and small non-technical pollution.