Certificate quality (conformity)

OOO PKP "TERCZ Ltd also provides a certificate of quality for manufactured pallets. Most often, this document is provided for food and pharmaceutical companies.

The certificate of quality (conformity) -a document certifying the conformity of the product with the requirements of the standards of quality, safety and compliance with the terms of the Treaty. Certificate of quality products is also referred to as a certificate of conformity or a certificate of security. All names in this document reflect its main purpose.

Certificate of conformity (quality) can be done on a mandatory or voluntary basis. Obligatory certificate is issued for those products, the conformity of which to requirements is critical to the security of human life and health. When placing the mandatory certificate of quality research products is made meets the minimum requirements.

Unlike the mandatory voluntary certificate always is issued on request and request the producer or the seller of the product. Voluntary quality certificates can be issued for any product, complement the mandatory certificate or declaration of conformity. The applicant, when making the voluntary certificate, determines the standards against which products is studied.

Product quality certificate -one of the conditions for successful business development. First of all, this certificate provides assurance to the consumer that purchased the products complies with the requirements of the standards, its use is safe. To date, goods quality certificate is a symbol of producer responsibility to consumers.